Dollars Given

How It Works

Wear local is working to keep local businesses, local artists, and local employees working. Buying WEAR LOCAL clothing puts 50% of net proceeds back into the small business community. One business.. one artist… one dream at a time…


If you are a small business owner in need of help due to the impact of COVID, you can submit your application at






Help Support Local Today

Show off your local pride with Wear Local Clothing. Our brand represents being a local with home pride designs. 50% of net profit goes back to small local businesses.

Community Focused

Our Mission

COVID has changed the ways in which small businesses operate and thrive. Wear Local’s funding & resources will be used to help support and grow the small business community.

Small Business Owners

Our History

Our background of working with many small businesses that have had to adapt or close their doors has shown us how many are hurting. We want to do our part to help give back to these small businesses that have given so much to our communities for such a long time.